Stag CALM Buoy - Chain Replacement

15th October 2014

Viking SeaTech provides expert support for re-lifing project offshore Western Australia.

Client: Apache Corp. Australia

Location: Western Australia

The Objectives

Client was going through a re-lifing project for a CALM buoy located in the Stag oil field which is located 65km off Dampier, on the North West Shelf of Western Australia. Viking SeaTech was approached to conduct an engineering review of the design of the mooring system, along with procurement and logistical support.

The Challenges

The equipment that was suplied was to be procured from European manufacturers, so this meant that Viking SeaTech had to be extremely proactive when it came to quality assurance and project management activities. The distance between the manufacturing location and the location of delivery also lead to extremely complex logisitical challenges.

The Outcome

Viking SeaTech managed the project remotely from Western Australia with support of our team in the UK. Several visit were made to the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the equipment and to check that deadlines were being met. Equipment was delivered to the client on time and the installation was completed at location on schedule.