IMCA CMID Inspections

A measure of your integrity.

CMID provides a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels, with the aim to provide three measures of vessel safety and environmental assurance: the safety of personnel, the protection of the environment and the visual internal assessment of the watertight integrity of the vessel’s hull.

The CMID is a constantly evolving document, and can be kept and updated onboard, dramatically reducing audit time.

Viking SeaTech's competent and experienced CMID inspectors can undertake inspections globally in a planned and efficient manner with close liaison with the vessel owner. Our network of inspectors around the globe allows us to perform timely and cost effective CMID inspections worldwide.

If the vessel operator is an IMCA member, the VST inspector can download an electronic version of the CMID, complete the inspection and upload the document to the e-CMID. Vessel Masters and operators can add their comments to the document, which can then be released to the e-CMID website and made available to any participating members.

It's the efficient way to keep your operation up to date. To benefit from CMID, get in touch with Viking Seatech.