OCIMF OVID Inspections

Stand up to every inspection.

The Offshore Vessel Inspection Database has been developed by Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) which provides a robust web-based inspection tool and database of inspection reports, underpinned with professional, trained and accredited inspectors.

OVID is a voluntary system of inspection where all inspections are posted to an online database. The inspection questions contain a combination of regulatory compliance and industry best practice. Adhering to the OVID inspection system provides a number of positive benefits. Assurance checks, which are part of the chartering process, may be speeded up with assurance personnel having instant access to credible information on the vessel and its safety performance. There is also the provision of a document which details vessel/unit principal dimensions and equipment, giving you the ability to 'showcase' your capabilities and provide a tool enabling project teams to pre-screen vessels' capabilities.

Viking SeaTech (VST) undertakes OVID inspections for a wide variety of vessel including PSVs, ERRVs, AHVs & Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs). We have a network of OVID accredited inspectors, allowing us to undertake inspections for your operation, anywhere in the world, on time and cost effectively. 

If you want a more effective, safe operation that meets the most stringent inspection criteria, get in touch with Viking Seatech.