Suitability Audits / Surveys

Ensure the suitability of your vessels. 

Vessel Suitability Audits are undertaken in accordance with your requirements. Viking SeaTech inspectors undertake expert inspections to assess the suitability of a vessel and associated equipment to carry out a specific task or operation.These inspections are intended to establish that any of your vessels vessel are fit for purpose in adherence to the work scope they are required to perform.

Prior to commencing a charter, an HSE inspection and safety brief is conducted to ensure the vessel is fit in all respects to carry out the task for which she is chartered. The inspection takes the form of a sampling of the vessel's system. Any defects in these systems will be noted by the VST inspector, who will verbally advise recommendations to the Master for comment and add notes in writing in this report.

Viking SeaTech's highly competent and experienced inspectors will complete the HSE inspection and brief the Captain and crew on the procedures to be employed when on location at the asset.

The charterer should ensure that VST inspector is fully familiar with any vessels' requirements for the voyage. These should detail issues that the inspector is to bring up directly with the Master.                

At the same time as the inspection takes place, a safety briefing is given, along with a pack containing all relevant charterers' procedures, manuals, installation data cards, and reporting procedures amongst others.

Upon completion, the result of the inspection would immediately be relayed to the charterer along with any recommendations regarding suitability of the vessels. These recommendations are highlighted on-board the vessels and signed for by the Master and the inspector. The full report on the inspection is then issued to the client once completed.