Integrated Riser Analysis

Maintain the integrity and efficiency of your well.

Anything that can minimise downtime and maintain the integrity of your well can be a vital ingredient in ensuring the efficiency and profitability of your operation. Viking SeaTech has a range of riser engineering capabilities, from performing standard drilling riser deployment, operability and hang-off assessments, to wellhead and conductor strength and fatigue assessments, as well as the provision of ad-hoc operational engineering support.

Drawing upon extensive mooring engineering experience, Viking Seatech provides an integrated mooring, riser, wellhead and conductor solution to maximise operational up-time and manage well integrity.

A typical drilling riser engineering scope includes the following activities:

  • A desktop review of the MODU characteristics, riser inventory, and well-specific metocean data is performed to determine a suitable riser stack-up configuration.
  • Compilation of riser joint data and calculation of stack-up weight - a top tension calculation is performed to determine the minimum tension requirements as per API-RP-16Q.
  • Development of a fully coupled finite-element riser model to account for vessel motions and environmental loading using industry standard DeepRiser software.
  • Performing operability assessments for multiple top tensions, internal fluid densities, and environmental loads, to determine the offset range within which the MODU can operate safely.
  • Both static and dynamic (time-domain) analyses are performed.
  • Deployment, hang-off, drift-off and weak point analyses if required (Note: this is in addition to a typical scope).
  • Wellhead and conductor fatigue assessments if required (Note: this is in addition to a typical scope).
  • Quality assurance checks are performed as per Viking SeaTech’s quality management system.
  • Provision of results, conclusions and recommendations in a study report.
  • Guidance on operating strategy to minimise rig downtime and maintain well integrity.
  • Ad-hoc support during drilling operations if required (Note: this is in addition to a typical scope).

Minimise your downtime and maximise the value of your well. Speak to Viking Seatech.