Mooring Analysis

Benefit from our intelligence.

To ensure your systems are of the highest levels of compliance and operational integrity, Viking SeaTech conducts dynamic and quais-static mooring analyses using industry proven software including GMoor32 and Orcaflex.

With our analyses, vessel and mooring system integrity can be maintained during design storm conditions, the integrity of all subsea assets as well as any adjacent structures can be upheld and all connected risers and umbilicals designed to maintain their structural integrity. In addition, our software helps you maintain compliance with the latest relevant regulatory authorities and codes.

Operating conditions can be analyzed. Defined environmental conditions can be analyzed for both survival conditions and the operational efficiency of your vessels. Viking SeaTech are capable of conducting analysis and design for thruster assisted mooring systems.

We can analyse your mooring systems for the following load cases:

  • Intact (all lines intact)
  • Damaged (one line broken)
  • Transient (motions after 1 line breaks)

Our detailed analysis results contain a large array of informations that can ensure you maintain the efficiency of your operation:

  • Mooring line tensions.
  • Vessel offsets.
  • Anchor tensions.
  • Minimum grounded lengths or uplift angles.
  • Vertical catenary clearances over subsea structures.
  • Horizontal clearances to other structures.
  • Buoyancy Analysis.