Anchor Inspection and Repair

Maintaining the best condition of equipment. 

Viking SeaTech upholds a robust maintenance regime for all hire fleet equipment. With an excellent in-house infrastructure combined with highly skilled personnel, we carry out full inspection, testing, repairing, and re-certification of all types of mooring equipment. Our systems and practices ensure the highest quality of equipment through highly efficient methodologies. This ensures the best, most cost-efficient service for our clients.  

Anchors are subject to a robust 10-point inspection covering the following key areas:

  1. Check identification marking to correspond with certificate identification
  2. Check fluke for significant deformation or damage
  3. Check shank and support steelwork for significant deformation or damage
  4. Check shank plate/ fluke connecting pins for wear or damage
  5. Check angle setting holes and pins for wear
  6. Check drain and vent holes are clear of mud / debris
  7. Check anchor shackle for wear or damage especially in the load bearing area
  8. Check lifting pad eyes on fluke for wear or damage
  9. Remove all old welds from fluke, where pin retaining flaps have been welded
  10. Note and report any other significant defects identified at time of inspection.

To ensure minimal room for error at every stage, a bank of photographic evidence is collated in a formal inspection report with recommendations for any repair, testing and recertification (DNV).