Spooling Services

Take your spooling to the next level.

Viking SeaTech operates a wide range of versatile spooling machines, drill line stands and coilers capable of handling up to 200 tonnes of wire or fibre rope on a single reel.

Viking Seatech's spooling machines ensure operational efficiency that adheres to the most stringest of safety standards, providing the necessary back tension and speed control, developed through years of continuous improvement.

The spoolers can handle the spectrum of wire rope products such as pendants, tow wires, work wires, extension wires and anchor lines, as well as umbilicals.

All equipment meets the exacting safety requirements for offshore use and is operated by fully trained, highly experienced personnel.

Our range of services include the rental of equipment as well as the deployment of profficient personnel for a wide range of applications, from mob to demob.  

To take your spooling further, get in touch with Viking Seatech.