Conventional Mooring Systems

Benefit from a strong track record in conventional mooring systems.

Viking Seatech has been operating conventional mooring systems across the world for years. This breadth of experience means we can offer you the benefit of global expertise in every area of your mooring system.

A conventional mooring system is a catenary system of chain and/or wire deployed by the AHV.
The AHV will pick up the anchor by the Permanent Chain Chaser (PCC) via the Permanent Chaser Pendant (PCP). The AHV then pulls away to the anchor drop zone as the rig pays out the mooring line. The vessel can then drop the anchor to the sea bed and the rig heaves in the mooring line which drags the anchor into position.

We can provide the very best of expertise at any stage of the process. For advice on any aspect of your conventional mooring system, simply get in touch with us.