Provision of Rig Move Personnel

We'll supply the expertise. And the experts. 

Viking SeaTech offers a wide range of marine consultancy services, using the expertise of our team of highly experienced and qualified Master Mariners who specialised in both Semi–Submersible and Jack Up rig moves in the Challenging environmental and geographical locations around the globe.

Our team of Staff and Contractor rig movers hold an impressive array of rig moving experience that can be put to use on your project. We'll provide a comprehensive rig moving service, including initial planning and preparation, through to detailed rig move procedure and execution and expert supervision of the offshore operations. We consider our people the very best in the business. That's why our clients choose them to be an integral part of their operation.

Choose the right people for the job through Viking Seatech:

  • Provision of competent Towmasters& Marine Representatives for Semisubmersible Rig moves
  • Provision of competent Towmasters for FPSO Heading Control
  • Provision of competent Marine Representatives for Pre-lay operations.
  • Provision of competent Towmasters & Marine Representatives for Jack up Rig moves